Enterprising technical developer 

Are you a technical developer with a proven track record who is ready to take an enterprising step? Does your passion lie in development from the PD+ stage on as well as the engineering of projects? Is acquisition not so much your thing or would you love being involved in this? Are you always eager to make the outcome of a development a success and participate in this? Are you employed or looking to break free from temporary positions?

If so, you’re the partner we’re looking for!

Who are we looking for?

  • Someone with demonstrated experience in the development of residential, healthcare and transformation properties;
  • Someone who loves to take the helm, particularly starting from the PD+ stage as a spider in the web;
  • Someone with a knack for engineering and construction;
  • Someone who would love to ‘break free’ from temporary or salaried work;
  • Someone who is interested in being an extension and sparring partner of the RED-O team;
  • Someone who enjoys taking advantage of development opportunities;
  • Someone who is interested in opening an office for collaboration and interaction;
  • Someone who wants to take their career to the next level.

ED-O is going like gangbusters! Within three years, we have gotten involved in the development of over 350 apartments, nearly 100 group homes for residential care, and a commercial plinth of over 5,000 m2 at three different locations. From acquisition to operation, the strategy is working, and there are still plenty of opportunities we want to capitalise on! Over the next few years, RED-O shareholder Robert Hellings will also be developing over 1,000 homes and apartments via his real-estate development company, Cedrus Vastgoed Ontwikkeling BV. A combination of creating a ‘technical’ team or other variation between Cedrus and RED-O is also certainly negotiable. We are happy to discuss this further with creative, enterprising people.

Focus area
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Have we sparked your interest?
Please contact Wynand Verhoef to discuss the possibilities.