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Assetmanagement & Investments

Assetmanagement & Investments

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RED-O has experience with residential, office, retail, and care properties. Asset management for these properties means optimising returns. We focus on the essential KPIs that unburden investors and help them achieve the goals that they envisioned before buying the properties. A minimum (hurdle) return is determined and set as a financial goal. However, there is also more to focus on in terms of quality, such as the long-term maintenance forecast, service costs, sustainability and savings, and the administrative side of the process.


RED-O is the spider in the web and monitors this intended goal by gathering knowledge in all the relevant areas: legal, taxation, financial, administrative and the relevant legislation and regulations. RED-O prefers to create its own opportunities for new investments or value-add developments. In doing so, they always look for cooperation with their investors and partners in the areas of property management, taxation, legal advice and/or brokerage. RED-O places the focus on structuring private funds for their network of investors. RED-O always sees opportunities for new investments or those with future development potential. This was how the three current projects in Etten-Leur, Woerden and Gorinchem came about. With part of the investments at its own risk and part at third parties’ risk, RED-O handles the asset management and/or development. Various services are negotiable and may be customised in conjunction with their cooperation partners.




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