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RED-O believes in creating value by spotting and taking advantage of development opportunities early on. RED-O takes a smart approach to development by mapping out entire areas and identifying properties within them that are located in prime housing areas.

Over 40 years of experience in development and investments!
The focus here is on the urban transformation of offices, schools and commercial properties in industries undergoing major change. The goal is to engage with the current users/business owners, listen to their business problems, come up with creative solutions, and roll out the financing and development strategy. The focus is on more complex real estate and financing issues, the goal of which is to optimise value for the client!

This is where RED-O aims to make the difference and deliver added value.







How we work


RED-O has a network that includes different venture-capital investors and (institutional and private) end investors. RED-O creates high-yield developments and investments for these investors. Together with these highly capitalised partners, RED-O aims to invest in properties where value will be added in the short- or medium-term through the development of homes.

The focus here is on the schedule below with various opportunities to invest.


Investment profile

  • Start construction within two and a half years of purchase.
  • Properties are preferably leased.
  • Investment after ‘agreement in principle’ with the municipality.
  • Located in a residential area, central function, near amenities.



Investment Framework RED-O & Partners