Shopping centre Etten-Leur

Kloppend hart

Shopping centre Etten-Leur

Kloppend hart

Shopping centre Kloppend hart – Etten-Leur


Shopping centre Etten-Leur


Shopping centre , 23.000 m², 75 tenants

Under development


OPL architecten

Unifore Real Estate

Real Estate Development

2022 to 2026


The project

This shopping centre measuring over 23,000 m2 is located in the heart of Etten-Leur. The centre is spread out over a ground and first floor and accommodates a total of around 75 tenants. This indoor centre is relatively successful and enjoys a positive reputation amongst tenants and visitors alike. Dating back to 1964, the centre was last renovated in 1995. This means that it no longer has a direct connection to the surrounding area where one level of stores topped by beautiful apartments sets the tone. The partially hidden unoccupied units and somewhat one-sided offer—with an emphasis on fashion and luxury products—has made the new owner Unifore incredibly eager to future-proof the centre.

RED-O alerted Unifore to this new development, and RED-O took the initiative to redevelop part of the shopping centre. Together with OPL Architecten, they developed a plan. Transformation of part of the shopping centre has now been included in the environmental dialogue. A reduction of the retail offer and a completely different composition that includes a supermarket, fresh food market and additional A1-location stores serves as the foundation for this transformation. Next, a diverse range of apartments that fall under both the social and mid-range housing sectors will then be developed, supplemented by private-sector rental and owner-occupied homes. This will be combined with a new interpretation of public green space and sustainability, as well as the opportunity to optimally organise the adjacent municipally owned multistorey car park.

All this means that RED-O has secured a great development job for itself, the goal of which is to redesign the new heart of Etten-Leur in just a few years. RED-O and its consultants are in charge of every detail, from A to Z.